The Center for Student Academic Success is dedicated to:

Providing academic advising for first-year students, coordinating advising for transfer, pre-health and currently enrolled students, facilitating early intervention for students experiencing academic difficulty, collaborating with departments in offering supplemental learning opportunities, and offering support to faculty advisers.


  • Melanie Jobe– Director
  • Dahlie Conferido– Assistant Director, Advising
  • Cynthia Douglas– Assistant Director, Pre-Health
  • Jennifer Hernandez– Associate Director, First Year Experience
  • Kevin Straine– Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Program

Administrative Support

  • Leila Dali– Administrative Secretary
  • Chervie Ku– Advising Student Secretary
  • Rosalina Sandoval– Advising Student Secretary

Academic Advising Coaches

  • Alexandra Ramirez
  • Boram Kim
  • Brandee Eisele
  • Bronson Lopez
  • Callie Rose Blackshear
  • Hillari Loeffler
  • Ileana Chand
  • Lisa Medina
  • Ricky Kim
  • Stephen Uribe
  • Zach Golay

Find out more about those people you can’t wait to see once a week for two quarters

Sierra Vista Hall Room 114

Tel: 951.785.2452

Fax: 951.785.2024





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